A Rare Sapphire and Diamond Necklace by Carl Fabergé formed of thirteen graduating clusters of blue sapphires encircled by rose cut diamonds, joined by diamond set bows suspending floral swags, supported on openwork galleries, set in silver and mounted on gold (later matching earrings). By Fabergés Chief Jeweller: Albert Holmström St Petersburg, 1908

Diamond Necklaces Harry Winston vintage Diamond necklace. It’s Beautiful and feminine. SLVH ❤❤❤ Diamond Emerald Necklace Boho Geometric Gold Silver Diamond Necklace 2.25 carat 10krose gold diamond&morganite necklace 2.25 carat 10k rose gold diamond&morganite necklace Jewelry Necklaces

Oval shaped pigeons blood Burma rubies, perfectly matched, sit majestically in this #Bayco Magnificent Collection necklace ❤️ #bayco #baycojewels #ruby #diamond #highjewelry #hautejoaillerie #themostpreciousstonesintheworld #luxury #newyork #precious #gemstones #top #royal #royalcollection Simulated White Diamond Sterling Silver Necklace Simulated White Diamond Sterling Silver Belief Necklace (18-20 in) TGW 0.150 Cts. Jewelry Necklaces Jerry Grant Diamond Cluster Necklace – must find a way to craft a less expendsive version Solitaire Diamond Necklace Diamond by tangerinejewelryshop, $48.00 Winston Cluster Wreath Necklace Inspired by the beauty of a holly wreath, glistening with snow, Mr. Winston recognized the potential of grouping fancy cuts of diamonds to create sculptural, three-dimensional designs. The iconic Diamond Winston Cluster Wreath Necklace pays tribute to Mr. Winston’s creative inspiration, with 41 pear-shaped, 80 marquise-shaped and 39 round brilliant diamonds weighing a total of 46.02 carats, handset in platinum.

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